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Stima General Motors & Hyoxen Joint Venture

It is with great privilege and honour to officially announce The Joint Venture between Hyoxen India and Stima Motors S.L. Stima General Motors and Hyoxen have developed 4 platform Electric Motorcycle models specifically for the Sub-Saharan African market with the inclusion of 2, 3-Wheeler models for cargo & passenger logistics. Hyoxen has been a pivotal part of our internal technological advancements and supply chain diversification in an uncertain world.

The current developments within the Electric Mobility & green tech industries highlight a GAP in circularity and sustainability initiatives and how they have failed to create a completely inclusive initiative. All too often lower social classes or marginalised populations are not included in the development of innovative and sustainable technology and as such there is no direct industrial-focus on producing sustainable and circular products that are not only equally efficient but are affordable and meet the income thresholds of low income earners.

Hyoxen shares the mission to develop circular and affordable sustainable mobility technology for the industries of Sub-Saharan Africa and will play a pivotal role as we role out our electric mobility initiatives beginning in Zimbabwe.

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