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The Story Behind Stima General Motors

A selfless mission to heal the world.



Stima General Motors is a Circular Electric Mobility Infrastructure provider & consultant based out of Barcelona, Spain. The focus of Stima Motors is to efficiently facilitate the transition of Government, The Commercial and Public Sectors of Sub-Saharan towards a Zero emission Mobility Infrustracture. 


When our journey begun in 2021 the intention was only to supply an Electric Motorcycle Taxi to the East African Market, as solution to the industries growing pain over fossil fuel inflation in a post covid and partial war time global economy. Our Electric Motorcycle fleet offers will cost 2 to 3 USD for every 300 KM they travel which would instantanously trigger a daily wage increase by 40% to 60%. However, as we conducted our investigations into East & Southern Africa we discovered the standard electric motorcycle industry business model was inconsiderate of future e-waste and revolved around supply of the cheapest products to the market. Making it impossible to develop standardised infrastructure like battery chargers at communal energy points. 


In a bid to champion positive impact & sustainable investment into the mobility sector of sub-Saharan Africa we have established 11 strategic joint ventures with global industrial leading companies that are not limited to but include Hyoxen, Itera Engineering, Jinpeng, Floox & Smobery to create the perfect circular and scalable mobility platform model. 


 It is our stern belief at Stima Motors that the solution to some of Africa’s dislocations lays within the principles of disruptive innovation and conscious capitalism. Sub-Saharan Africa must begin to domestically produce its own fuel and redirect its public expenditure towards health care, education, social and public infrastructural projects.

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Our Circular Ecosystem

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