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An Electric Mobility Infrastructure Provider & Consultant for Sub-Saharan African Markets.

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Circular Electric Mobility

Product catalog

Consultancy Services

Repair, Maintenance & Battery Recycling

Foreign Brand Commercialisation.

  • Repair and Maintenance Centres Accessible.

  • Spare Parts Supply Chain

  • Battery Recycling & Up-cycling Centre.

  • Market Research: Feasibility, demand, pilot program.

  • Homologation & licensing into EU & Sub-Saharan African Markets.

  • Assembly, Maintenance & commercial office & presence.

  • Distribution Network & Supply Chain Management of Vehicles & Spare parts.

  • Domestic Office representation & the management of Aftersales services.

Government & Private Sector Consultations for Infrastructure transition.

  • Fleet Management Solutions.

  • Charging & Battery Network Solutions.

  • Distribution Network Access.

  • Financing Options Available

  • Public Service E-Mobility infrastructure with specialised vehicles e.g Ambulance, Police, Vaccinations & road maintenance.

  • EV Charger Subscriptions/Financing for Small, Medium & Large enterprises in the EU & Sub-saharan African Markets.


A look inside our operations

Powering the Change for a Brighter Tomorrow!


About Stima General Motors

Stima General Motors S.L is an Electric Mobility Infrastructure Provider & Consultant for Sub-Saharan African Markets. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality electric motor products and services to our clients.


We work with Government, NGO's, Security & Last Mile delivery, Pharmaceutical Companies. All our vehicles have been engineered onto multi-purpose platforms that are not exclusive to but cover cold, hot, fragile, cargo and passenger logistics.

Stima General Motor's Electric Vehicle ecosystem comprises of a partnership with more than 25 Industrial leading companies from Andorra, Spain, India and China. This has allowed us to construct a cost efficient and circular mobility business model with the consideration of future e-waste.


Our Mission

At Stima General Motors S.L, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most sustainable and reliable mobility solutions.


We are committed to pioneering Circular Technologies in the Mobility Sectors of Sub-Saharan Africa in a bid to champion positive impact investment by improving energy and fuel security in the region.


Our vision is to become the leading provider of mobility solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, while ensuring a sustainable development on the environment and societies of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Stima Events Page

  • Circular Investment Initiatives for Sub-Saharan Africa Annual Conference (CIIFSA)
    Circular Investment Initiatives for Sub-Saharan Africa Annual Conference (CIIFSA)
    mié, 19 jun
    Montbrió del Camp
    19 jun 2024, 7:00 CEST – 21 jun 2024, 3:30 CEST
    Montbrió del Camp, T-310, Km. 10, 5, 43340 Montbrió del Camp, Tarragona, Spain
    Stima General Motors falls under the purview of the group holding, Grupo Stima. The industrial focus of the conference was to implement circular and disruptive business models in Electric Mobility, Bio-Fertiliser Production, Blockchain, Fintech & produce lithium battery cells in Zimbabwe for the EU.

Circular Mobility Innovation Hub

Stima General Motors in conjunction with Hyoxen and components of Indian Government will be launching Southern Africa's First Circular Mobility Innovation Hub targeted towards facilitating the region's transition towards a Net-Zero Mobility Infrastructure built on the foundations of sustainably & domestically produced energy. 

Stima Motors will engage Governmental and none governmental bodies like CMED, University of Zimbabwe and any stakeholders with a direct vested interest in positive impact & inclusive investment in Africa to facilitate the technology and skills transfer mechanism between the Indian Mobility sector and that of Sub-Saharan Africa. Stima Motors will continue to engage international stakeholders in order to sustainably increase the international level of cooperation towards assisting Sub-Saharan Africa in achieving a Net-zero mobility structure.